3 Free Video Collaboration Software

Video collaboration has had a significant impact on the business world. Lots of companies have utilized this tool to cut down on costs while increasing their income significantly. The software has helped to bridge the geographical gap that had existed for years. While so many big companies are enjoying this,a few startups and small businesses are still finding it difficult to enjoy these services fully. Why? Because of budgetary or financial constraints. If your company is one of those that are unable to benefit from video collaboration software because of finances,then it's time we introduced you to free video conferencing software. These will provide you with an online meeting platform without charging you a dime! The following is a list of some of the best free video collaboration software that will completely change how you carry out your day-to-day operations.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a fantastic video collaboration software that entered the market to provide a service that has been overlooked for long. All the great teleconferencing applications had never provided a platform that allows for the participation of lots of people for free. ezTalks saw this gap and went on to be the first free video collaboration software that enables you to host or take part in a meeting of up to 100 people! With its ultra HD sound and video,everyone gets an opportunity to take part in the meetings interactively. Your audience will not only get a chance to listen to what you have,but they can also use the provided whiteboard to share what they think. With this software,you can decide to either host your meetings at a scheduled time or any moment as you wish. It,therefore,means that you can't complain about lack of enough time to get everyone for a meeting anymore. All your participants can quickly join online meeting through the shared link either by using a PC or their smartphone gadgets. You can also have two or more members sharing a webcam and they'll remain visible and active throughout the meeting. ezTalks cloud conference also provides you and your colleagues with the essential opportunity of recording and saving these meetings for future use.The only drawback with this particular video collaboration software free version is that its group meetings are limited to 40 minutes. After 40 minutes you have to restart the software again. It,however,remains the best option for startup and small business.

2. Skype

Skype has been around for many years. It's,very familiar and popular among most people. It has for the biggest part been used as a social networking tool by friends and partners. However,it also provides an impeccable video conferring service for free. Skype allows you to host up to 10 people in their group video chats. Within the video chat sessions,you can also exchange instant messages with any member of the group. These instant messages can remain private between you and the recipient. As a result,you can use this feature to catch up with or convince a member within the conference to back you up on any subject under discussion. This software has improved efficiency in video collaboration as it supports sharing of screens and files. You don't have to talk about reports,patterns or statistics as the rest of the group sits and stares at you. You can share the files and reports which they can go through as you continue with your presentation. This boosts both participation by the members and also understanding of the subject.

The only limitation with Skype is the number of participants that it supports. Ten seems to be a minimal number which could force you to make a difficult decision of choosing who to include and not to include in your conferences.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based free video collaboration software that offers a limited amount of its services for free. Zoom cloud meeting allows you to host a meeting from anywhere and have 50 other people join in from different locations. What makes Zoom popular and efficient is its compatibility with a majority of the operating systems used. Zoom cloud meeting can perfectly work with Linux,Mac and Windows gadgets. With Zoom,you can also share a screen and display your presentation on the blank whiteboard. Moreover,it allows you to choose who is to be the host of the meeting. You can change hosts right in the middle of sessions. This is why the software is so useful when for example,hosting a meeting of different heads of departments within a business. All of these heads can take turns in giving the progress within their respective departments while controlling the meeting. With its inbuilt IM,you can have private chats with anyone in the meeting.

Just like ezTalks,the biggest challenge with Zoom is that these meetings can only last for 40 minutes. To make up for this the number of meetings you can have is unlimited which means you could have as many as you want. The other challenge with Zoom is that you can't record the video conference sessions.

Your financial limitations don't have to stand between you and the wider market that you intend to reach. These video collaboration software are here to help you expand without any charges. They will boost your operations and increase your income.