How to improve the ratings and rankings of Airbnb listings in Los Angeles

Improve Airbnb Listing

As a Los Angeles Airbnb host you know about the importance of having rankings and quality reviews on the listings. The ratings and rankings determine how much you can attract a customer’s attention and sell him or her goods or services. High rating and ranking have the ability of getting up to 4 times the number of bookings received by low-rated or ranked listings on Airbnb. This article discusses tips, experience and service that can help improve the rating and ranking of Los Angeles Airbnb listing and enhance your hosting success.

Effective Airbnb management in Los Angeles is a crucial component of this endeavor, encompassing strategies, experiences, and services geared towards optimizing your property’s performance. By implementing these suggestions, hosts can enhance their overall hosting success and increase the visibility and appeal of their listings in the competitive Los Angeles market.

Improve the photos of your listings

Improving the pictures of Airbnb rentals you have in L.A is one way to boost both ratings and rankings for top. They will be the first impression the potential customers will have on your listings, revealing the look, style, and attributes thereof. Research conducted by Airbnb noted that there is a 40% increase in bookings and 26% higher nightly rates when listing quality images are used as opposed to amateur ones.

Here are some suggestions on how to take high-quality and attractive photos for your listings:

  • Use natural light: Listings with natural light might seem brighter, warmer and spacious. Attempt capturing the pictures during the bright mid-day when the sunlight penetrates the windows. Use natural light instead of flash or any kind of artificial light to ensure accurate colors are captured without harsh shadows being cast.
  • Choose the right angle: The way your pictures present spaciousness and comfort of your property depends on the angle of your camera. Have a go at shooting photos around the corners of the rooms and use a wider-angle lens or tripod for extra coverage. Don’t take pictures from the front and the side of the rooms; this may make appear your listing small and long.
  • Highlight the features and amenities: Your listings’ uniqueness lies in their features and amenities, which attract the customers. Emphasize on what makes your listing remarkable; for example, it is a room with a view, a fireplace, a balcony a swimming pool etc. Also keep off personal belongings.
  • Edit the photos professionally: There are different techniques of post-production that will improve the quality and appeal of the pictures. For instance, you may need to readjust the brightness and contrast, balance out the saturation, sharpen them, increase the clarity, or even add a filter. While that, do not edit your photos too much because they will seem artificial and untruthful. Ensure that your pictures represent what you have to offer and should be real without using any filters, effects or stickers.

If you need some help with photo enhancement, you can also use some tools or services that can help you take or edit high-quality and professional photos for your listings, such as:

  • Snappr: Snappr will link you up with professional photographers who will shoot great images for their listings. You need only to reserve a photographer on the internet, specify a date and address and receive your pictures within two days. The pricing model of Snappr is quite affordable and flexible where one can pay as low as $89 per half an hour.
  • Airbnb Plus: AirBnB PLUS is an initiative which identifies exceptional listings on AirBnB. If your listings are eligible, say being rated not less than 4.8, include basic amenities in your package and following the hosting rules and standards among other considerations then you can go ahead and apply for Airbnb Plus. A professional photographer will be sent by Airbnb Plus to your listings for free, and a verified badge, a featured placement, and high pricing capabilities will be granted as well.
  • Guestable: A full-service Airbnb management company, Guestable deals with the entire lifecycle of booking from making the listing all the way through to talking directly with guests. The last thing I can mention is the photo enhancement, whereby guestable will give you a photographer of sorts that can take and edit photographs for your listings. We charge a 20% commission fee on your bookings, and we offer free consultations and perform all contracts to ensure quality.

Improve the descriptions of your listings

You can also improve the rankings and ratings of your air bnb listing by improving the description of your Airbnb listings in Los Angeles. The descriptions come a close second, which the customer can have further information about the listing. An Airbnb survey revealed that a clear catchy description can lead to 30% increase in bookings and 11% extra on nightly price.

Here are some suggestions on how to write clear, concise and catchy descriptions for your listings:

  • Use keywords: The “key” words or phrases the customer uses for searching and locating your listing is called keywords. Keywords assist you in ranking high in Airbnb’s search engine while matching the customer’s needs and expectation. Some apps will also be useful, such as Airbnb’s search bar, or such services like Google Trends, and Keyword Tool.
  • Use bullet points: Bullets make great ways for organizing and listing the most important highlights of your listings. This will help make your description easier to read and easier to scroll through for the customers. Include a bulleted list on items customers’ place utmost priority on, for instance, where, how big are rooms and beds, number of bathrooms, kitchen, internet connection, etc.
  • Use headings: You can also use headings as a way to organize and highlight various sections in your descriptions. With that in mind, they will breakdown your description to small and smaller parts that should be assimilated effortlessly by the reader’s brains, while also steering their interests in a particular direction. Your descriptions should be broken down under categories like summary, space, neighbourhood, access, interaction and so forth by making use of headings.
  • Use storytelling techniques: One of the ways that can be used to connect to the consumers is through story telling which creates an emotional bond between the customer and seller. Some storytelling techniques to make your description of events personal, creative, and interesting for others are anecdotes, metaphors, humour, and other specific questions and statements.

If you need some help with writing optimization, you can also use some tools or services that can help you write or edit clear, concise and catchy descriptions for your listings, such as:

  • Hemingway Editor: The Hemingway Editor is a software program which enables you to make your descriptions more readable and understandable. It identifies and offers the necessary corrections on the lengthy, complicated, passive, or ineffective sentences. Additionally, it can rate and grade your descriptions, making sure that you write simply and straightforwardly.
  • Grammarly: Descriptions can be improved with respect to grammar and spellings using Grammarly tool. As far as correction of grammatical mistakes is concerned, it detects and fixes all kind of errors like those related to punctuation, verbal tense, subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage and others. It can also recommend words, assist to improve the style of the text to create
  • One Fine BnB: An Airbnb Management Company called OneFineBNB, for instance, provides support at every stage of your listings making and guest communication. One fine bnb can also be helpful in optimizing your writings by supplying a competent copywriter that will compose crisp and captivating content for your write-ups. One Finé BnB has a 15% charge on your booking and gives you a free consultation as well together with performance guarantees.

Improve the titles of your listings

An additional approach that you can use for enhancing your ratings on Airbnb in LA is rewriting the headlines of your Airbnb listings. The customer will pay attention to the last three things in your listings including titles that describe the main benefits of what you have for sale. A recent study conducted by Air-BnB found that effective and attractive listing titles translate into 20% more bookings and 10% higher nightly rates as compared to dull and unappealing titles.

Here are some suggestions on how to write effective and appealing titles for your listings:

  • Use adjectives: Your adjectives are descriptions of your listing’s qualities, or characteristics. You can include several adjectives in order to make the title more vivid, distinctive, inviting but avoid too many and nonspecific adjectives that may turn out to be exaggerating or unreliable (such as amazing, awesome, fantastic, etc.).
  • Use numbers: The numbers indicate how many items you listed for in the marketplace or what is its significance. A wise move is to use numbers within your titles to increase their precision, information and attention value. For example, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 mins to the beach, $100/night, however keep it minimal when it comes to unrelated and excessive
  • Use locations: On the other hand, location is a word used to identify the area or place for your listing posts. Use locations to make your titles more relevant, manageable and attractive like downtown, Hollywood, Venice Beach, etc., but don’t go too general like Los Angeles, California, USA, or too specific like 123 Main Street, Apt 456, etc.
  • Use benefits: Words like benefits show what the advantages and results of your listings would be. To enhance the power of titles, consider using benefits to make them more appealing, impressive and catchy such like “enjoy”, “explore”, etc but avoid over-obvious, blatant or fake ones like “have fun”, be happy’, ‘live your dream, etc.

If you need some help with title generation, you can also use some tools or services that can help you write or edit effective and appealing titles for your listings, such as:

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: In order to boost title quality and attractiveness, use the free online CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. For example, it may rate the word balance, length, sentiment, and keyword of your titles. The tool may also suggest how you could improve your writing by including more powerful words, emotional words, or even rare words.
  • Portent Title Maker: Portent Title Maker can offer you an attractive title suitable for your listing. Titles can be generated for the keywords that you will input, as well as an explanation of the reason for their suitability. Furthermore, it may also provide a few guidelines on how one can write compelling or catchy titles through humor, curiosity, and controversy.
  • Airbanaco: Airbanco is a complete Airbnb service provider that can assist you in making a listing, dealing with guests, and more. Titles also include, and airbanaco also provide you with an experienced copy writer who can be a great asset in making your list more tempting and interesting to customers because they will read about a good and easy to approach product. Their commission is charged at 12% of all your bookings in addition to a free consultation and with a performance guarantee.

Improve the keywords of your listings

The fourth method involved improving the keyword in your listings for better rating performance and rankings in the Los Angeles Airbnb area. Keywords are the words or phrases your customers put into a search engine to find your listing. Key words may assist you in ranking well on Airbnb’s search engines as well as meet your customers need and expectation. One of the Airbnb studies showed that some listings had as much as 15% more reservations because they had relevant and popular keyword, and another study claimed that certain listings earned about 8% higher nightly price due to use of appropriate and widespread keywords.

Here are some suggestions on how to choose and use relevant and popular keywords for your listings:

  • Use Airbnb’s search bar: One of the easiest ways to find out what keywords the consumers are searching listings with in Los Angeles, is using air bnb’s search box. To do so, you can insert some keywords or questions you associate with your listings, and Airbnb will give you some suggestions that it considers may be connected. The search can also be filtered by location, price, dates, number of guests, etc., to make the process more specific. Some of these matching terms can include “cozy studio near Hollywood”, “luxury pent house with a pool”, etc., which might have keywords that you may now make use of in your listings.
  • Use Google Trends: Google Trends is a tool which will show you the popular/trending keywords in LA. It is possible to place some of the words or phrases relevant to your listings in this part and trace their change in search volumes depending on time intervals, locations, categories, and so on. Besides, you can get acquainted with different options for keywords which are more popular or competitive against each other Some of these rising or popular keywords like “Los Angeles beach house”, “Los Angeles Airbnb with parking”, et cetera can then be used.
  • Use Keyword Tool: The keyword tool will assist you in finding out which keywords are relevant or important to your listings. Keyword Tool is an amazing tool you should use and can provide you with ideas related to any keyword which will work well for your SEO efforts. It can also show you what the most popular keywords which people type into search engines like Google and Bing are, based on their data obtained from different platforms

If you need some help with keyword research and analysis, you can also use some tools or services that can help you find and use relevant and popular keywords for your listings, such as:

  • Moz: You could also use a web based service called “Moz” to help optimize SEO for your listings. Using this tool, you can get keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty, keyword opportunity, maximum potential, rank tracking, rank analysis and factors affecting your performance in search engines.
  • SEMrush: Using SEMrush you will be able to promote and advertise your listings for better optimization strategies. Firstly, it may assist in finding the ideal keywords for your listings. For this, it offers features like keyword overview, keyword magic tool, keyword gap, keyword manager and so on. Secondly, it may help optimise and track your campaigns. It provides such features as advertising research,
  • Airbnb SEO Service: SEO for Airbnb Listings is one such service which can make your listings more visible and profitable. This program will enable you to identify and develop appropriate keywords for your listings. Also, it can assist you in assessing your listings’ performance through providing keyword report, optimization of keywords, maintenance, among others.

Manage and respond to the customer reviews and feedback

The fifth strategy to raise your star rating and increase your ranking on Airbnb listings would be managing and responding to customer reviews and feedback. This is the fifth element that determines customers trust and satisfaction. Your reviews and feedback will mirror the quality and integrity of your sell sheet. Research conducted by Airbnb indicates that listings with many good reviews and feedback can receive up to 10 per cent more bookings and five percent higher nightly prices compared to listings with not so much or poor reviews and feedback.

Here are some suggestions on how to encourage and collect positive reviews and feedback for your listings:

  • Offer incentives: These include, but not limited to bonuses, incentives offered to your customers in return for their reviews, ratings, and comments are otherwise known as incentives. You can use incentives to show how much you appreciate your customers by improving the quantity and quality of review and feedback they give for products or services. Provide discounts, coupons, gifts, referrals, etc., but don’t give too generous or too conditional ones because it can spoil relationship with your visitors and violate Airbnb’s policy.
  • Send reminders: You can send reminders, which are messages or notifications sent to your customers to remind them about leaving reviews and feedback for your listings. The reminders can be used to promote and prompt your clients and also minimize incidences where a client forgets or neglects. Use friendly and polite language for reminders which you may send by email, text or through Airbnb’s website platform. Nevertheless, refrain from sending many or frequent reminders that may infuriate or spam the customers or breach of the house rules.
  • Provide personalized messages: These are customer-specific messages that you may send to your visitors just asking them for a short feedback after they leave your rooms. Customized messages are a perfect way of relating and communicating with your clients, increasing the number of positive reviews they give on their quality. For instance, you can write personalized messages depending on the name, preferred languages, experiences of the clients, and others. Nevertheless, it is important not to send either too short or too general ones, as they may be boring or confusing for the clients, besides breaching Airbnb’s

If you need some help with review management and response, you can also use some tools or services that can help you encourage and collect positive reviews and feedback for your listings, such as:

  • Smartbnb: Smartbnb is an avenue which you could use to communicate with your customers as well as make it fast and efficient. With it, you are able to send personalised and on-time messages to your clients like welcoming them, instructing them to check in, remind them to check out, ask for reviews or feedbacks, among others. Also, through it you would be informed about feedbacks sent so that
  • Hostfully: One such tool for creating and sharing digital guest books with clients is called Hostfully. You can use it to give your customers appropriate and meaningful info like houses rules, local’s tips, and emergency contacts. Plus, it features feedback forms, review widgets and badges that will help you gather and put forward reviews and feedback.
  • Beyond Pricing: With regard to this, an online application tool called Beyond Pricing can assist in updating and optimizing your pricing as well as availability of your listings. Dynamic pricing as well as demand forecasts, market analysis, and so on, it could facilitate in your maxima revenue and occupancy. You may also gain from it through it could facilitate in your maxima reviews and feedback by giving you review insights, review scores, review trends and so on


Finally, the ratings and rankings improvements should improve your visibility, appeal and profitability on the platform. This article has shown some tips, experiences and services you can use to improve on your ratings and ranking. For example, improve your photos, description, title and keyword of your listing; manage and also respond to the consumer reviews and feedback. I hope this was a useful and educational article for you.