Building Relationships and Trust: ChatGPT vs. Professional Writers

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The academic assistance niche was never empty. There’s always someone or something that will help students overcome academic challenges, starting with students helping each other for compensation and ending with the assignment writing service business model. Students may look up the EssayHub promo code and make a weighted decision regarding what type of help they want to get. GPT Chat application for educational assistance as a part of this chain is not a big surprise.

The AI language model can do almost everything that a human professional can. It may search for information, write, and format texts (with a few sidenotes). Yet, why do people still turn to human-based assignment writing platforms? This article will explore the edge that custom assignment writing platforms have over chatbots.

GPT Chat: A New Word in the IT World

AI language models existed for quite a while before GPT chat entered the market. Yet, this OpenAI product started a true revolution. What is chat gpt? It is an AI language model that uses extensive corpora of texts to generate human-like responses.

As a result, we see a convenient assistant that can accomplish almost any text-related task. While having limitations regarding text output, Chat GPT can serve as an assignment writing service of its own.

The AI language model has the following advantages:

  • Easy to use. Chat GPT has an intuitive design that reminds users of a simple conversation window. You write your prompt and get the result.
  • Speed of execution. You get answers immediately. Clarifications and corrections take less time.
  • Availability. The base Chat GPT model is free of charge. You have unlimited access to the service with decent execution.

These advantages work when you use Chat GPT for general purposes.

Yet, when the task becomes more complex and requires assistance in academic assignments, Chat GPT shows its downsides:

  • Technical limitations. While the replies are fast, they are also relatively short. If you need to answer a complex task, Chat GPT will try to cram it in a shorter format or will lose the thread in subsequent replies.
  • High plagiarism. Chat GPT produces human-like responses. Yet, it cannot adequately analyze given input and provide an original response. All his replies are based on existing texts, which makes assignments’ texts from the AI language model academically dishonest.
  • Inability to fact-check. In addition to the previous downside, you cannot prove Chat GPT claims without additional research. Human-like replies imply bias and human mistakes, which are unacceptable in an academic assignment.
  • Detection by AI checkers. Colleges and universities use AI detectors to ensure originality of students’ work. While Chat GPT can produce a text for the assignment, it is easily detected, which may lead to undesirable consequences.

Assignment Writing Services: A Solution Proven by Time

Сustom writing platforms close the natural need for assignment writing help. Whether students struggle with small-time tasks or need to prepare for significant exams - writing experts are ready to help. Different platforms cater to different needs, giving tailored assistance to any student.

Yet, you may expect the following advantages from any assignment writing service:

  • High-quality of the texts. No matter the task’s scope or complexity, the quality will always be superb. When you turn to a custom writing service, you can be sure that the text will be excellent.
  • Originality and integrity. Academic assistance services always provide plagiarism-free and adequately formatted assignments. Each assignment is a genuine article that meets all the necessary academic criteria.
  • Personalized approach. Unlike ChatGPT, professional assistance platforms utilize customized approaches for their clients. Each assignment has a unique human touch that AI language models lack.
  • Real professionals at work. Expert custom writing services assign the task only to competent professionals who know both the assignment’s subject and proper writing techniques.

Yet, there are shortcomings of professional assistance services, too:

  • Deadlines. Expert writing platforms cannot deliver assignments instantly. You’ll have to wait at least three hours until the task is done.
  • Cost. Highly-competent writing requires payment. While you can reduce the price via promo codes and earlier assignment placement, there is still a cost per written assignment page.

Writing Platforms

Relations Between Students and Services

The competition between assignment help services and AI chatbots similar to the OpenAI product is fierce. Therefore, custom writing platforms utilize their most significant advantage before AI bots - human involvement.

Starting with loyalty programs and ending with direct communication with the writers, students understand that they get genuine assistance.

A chatbot cannot think critically. It takes one inoffensive stance concerning all the issues and provides distilled answers to all the questions. Therefore, you can’t develop a relationship with the service because its attitude is always the same.

It may seem beneficial compared to the unlucky choice of human-based assignment help platforms. Yet, when you find the right one, you’ll have much more than completed texts. Starting with discounts and special treatment and ending with discovering a writer who understands all your problems and needs - it is an invaluable experience.

Bottom Line

Academic help is an ever-present question. It gains more answers every day. Starting with сustom writing platforms and ending with intricate AI chatbots.

Chat GPT by Open AI demonstrates marvels of AI writing. Yet, it still cannot surpass the genuine craftsmanship of a professional writing expert. Students may explore EssayHub to learn from their peers what a professional assignment writing service can offer. But most importantly, professional writing services provide a personalized approach.

There is a potential for building lasting relations.