The Most Important Online Communication Skills

Communication is the most important aspect in every business environment. A fruitful interaction will ensure a smoother execution and a more effective task assignment. That's why communication has developed and embraced other forms of approach.

One of this forms is online communication, which managed to become a standard, in just a few years. Even though it's more convenient, online communication it's still dependent on the interlocutors, and it requires a certain set of skills, for whoever wants to master it.

In the following, we will focus on this aspect and we will explain what online communication skills you need, for a better collaboration with your team.

online communication

What is Online Communication?

Online communication can be achieved with any digital device, a professional software and an internet connection. The advantages of online communication are numerous and it manages to bring all the participants together, no matter their physical location. Another interesting thing about online communication is the fact that it can be more concise, and it can deliver the message in a more accurate manner. Still, this form of interaction is a bit different than the classical methods, so it requires some additional preparation and skills.

Important Online Communication Skills You Need

1) Prepare the Equipment

Despite classical communication, online communication requires some more preparations, consisting mostly in logistics. For a smooth and successful online interaction, you will need to prepare your device, make sure that your internet speed is constant and get your webcam/microphone ready. You will look unprofessional if the other participants won't be able to see you well, or if you're constantly losing signal due to the internet speed. These seem like small details but they can help you make a good impression at the meeting.

2) Look at the Camera

Online communication etiquette tells us to look directly at the camera when we're attending an online meeting. This information is needed because many people tend to look into the screen, where they can see the other participants. Even though your instinct will make you look at the screen, try not to do it. It's very unpleasant for the participants when you're not looking at them and this will express a lack of interest from you. You can only break that rule when you receive some charts or graphic instructions because then you will have to analyze them, by looking at the screen.

3) Choose the Right Online Communication Methods

If you are the person who is initiating the online conversation, then you should choose a suitable online communication software. If you want to have a smooth and fruitful dialogue, then you will need an advanced software, that will provide a wide variety of tools, quick access to all the attendants and a friendly platform. ezTalks Meetings is one such software and with it, the participants can join the meeting in just a few seconds. After you host the meeting, you just need to send the invitation to them, and they will be able to join it with a single click, directly from their browser. Also, with a professional software like ezTalks Meetings, you will have access to plenty of tools, ideal for sharing information, delivering clear messages or organizing the assignments. Stop using ineffective methods of online communication, and choose one that will offer everything you need.

4) Have a Neutral Attitude

When you attend an online meeting for the first time, you will have mixed feelings about it. Many people start to become tensed or too comfortable at an online meeting, even if they wouldn't do it in the physical one. Try to avoid any of these situations and understand that the purpose of your meeting is the same. In order to make a good impression, you need to focus on the discussed topics, maintain your professionalism and try not be overwhelmed, if you don't understand something. A software like ezTalks Meetings comes with a Record feature, which will allow you to review the whole meeting if you have any misunderstandings. Also, you should avoid being too sarcastic or too passive aggressive. Since it's an online meeting, your reactions might be negatively perceived, by the other participants.

5) Sustain Your Affirmations

When it comes to communication skills online, you should make use of all the available tools. If you are attending a professional meeting, then it's extremely advisable to sustain your sayings with some graphic explanations. Even if you're showing a chart, a table or a case study, you will look extremely professional and the rest of the team will appreciate your commitment. Also, you will be able to make yourself understood and to deliver the message in a clearer way.


Online communication skills can be mastered very simple, once you have all the necessary information. Just keep practicing, make use of all the available online communication tools and be confident. By doing this, you will soon learn how to do it naturally, with no additional preparations.