EZTALKS has clearly laid out a Service Level Agreement and Terms of Service Agreement. The use of EZTALKS services by a person or a group should only be in accordance with these regulations.

Additionally, it is very important for the user to keep their local and federal communication rules and guidelines in mind. EZTALKS is not responsible for any illegal activity that users conduct through their EZTALKS accounts.

EZTALKS strictly condones the use of its services in a manner that is unacceptable ethically, legally, or morally. The users are themselves responsible for any content that they share through faxes using EZTALKS.

Any misuse of EZTALKS services can result in the permanent deletion of a user’s EZTALKS account. In case a user breaches any government law or regulation, it can result in legal liabilities for the user as well.

EZTALKS advises users to refer to their local laws in case they want to be aware of their State Laws regarding SMS/MMS or telephonic communication.

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