What Is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified Communications and Collaboration Definition

In order to understand what is unified communications and collaboration,we need to know the meaning of unified communications first. According to the definition from Wikipedia,unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time enterprise communication services,which includes components like: Presence: Figuring out if a person is busy or free.

Instant messaging: Chat

Conference apps: To link larger teams and help them to share ideas and information

Unified messaging: The power to get all texts from one place

Video conferencing: On mobile devices,tablets and PC utilizing room based technology

Team work apps: To work and coordinate on group tasks

Mobile apps: Advancing unified communication and collaboration to tablets and smart phones.Unified communication and collaboration (UCC) is the combination of communications and collaboration technologies. It gets multiple types of communication such as video,voice,software applications,and data services in a single one environment,enhancing company’s process and making it very easy for people to connect.

Impacts of Unified Communications and Collaborations

It is hyper connected,always on and works 24*7. Select your reason for the business environment. However the current rate of business applies on pressure on companies like never. With unified communications and collaboration,companies can face such challenges by assisting people to connect more intuitively and efficiently. Anybody can utilize this collaboration to get multiple types of historical and real time communications such as data services,video and voice and even software apps to one environment. Business functions are enhanced as a result.

Major Advantages of Unified Communications and Collaboration

It moves an organization much more efficiently to its aims.

A study has found that almost 97% of executives and employees agree that the level of collaboration instantly affects the outcome of a project or task. When a department or group is collaborating properly,is able to interact seamlessly,openly share files they can work more effectively. Whereas when employees work in particular silos it takes a lot of time for a department to finish a task or project. Not all employees are able to give their best when constantly in contact with their seniors and other coworkers; some may require time alone with teamwork as well. A collaboration system like screen sharing and video conferencing allows this balance as it seamlessly connects the end users when collaboration is required instead of all day.

It makes greater flexibility.

Nowadays collaboration system like Smartphone’s and tablets makes the workers work in a flexible way than those 10-5 office day. Many people are working from their homes or other places and even take benefit of real time collaboration technique with coworkers all over the world. This flexibility fits for many end users; Life is much better than those strict 8 hour job. Improved flexibility can lead to better effectiveness and efficiency. A study found that only 4% of employees comes up with best ideas at work. The rest 96% said they get new ideas while they are on a vacation or while working at home. With the mobile collaboration system employees can take benefit of productivity and creativity. ezTalks is one such company that provides you will all this services at affordable prices.

It attracts the tech savvy.

In many companies young and tech savvy employees choose collaboration technology as technology is already a huge part in their life. It is found that almost 49% of young people support social tools like FaceTime and Skype for collaboration in companies. Similarly ezTalks collaboration system is also used by a number of people as it is much more efficient than the traditional ones.

It involves working from home and remote employees.

By using a high level collaboration like ezTalks an organization makes sure that all their employees – whether from headquarters,overseas office or from home benefits from continual interaction and real time information. This means that the organization will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of all the employees,regardless of their location.

It allows new employees to speed up.

New people learn properly from their seniors and coworkers,and they can do this through collaboration. Moreover,it created a good minute and a mentor relationship between the employees and their seniors which helps in engaging and inspiring both the groups even more.

Proven Effects of Unified Communications and Collaboration

It is proved that companies save a lot of money and time by this collaboration. Communication is said to be a very important operation. It can assist your workers to work more efficiently and closely and it can make roadblocks. It improves your customer service and they can easily reach out to each other if they are facing any issues. Unified communications & collaboration provides the features which may make any company more effective and efficient. According to a study around 60 % of companies using unified collaborations & collaboration are able to save 3 hours in just one week. Just image how much you can accomplish if your workers had 10 extra hours of productivity every month. ezTalks is one such company that can assist you collaborates easily,control your costs and keep your company moving on top. With a top class network,secured service and mobile capabilities ezTalks has everything that you require to meet your needs.