What Can Sales People Do with Video Conferencing?

Sales is an activity that involves a lot ofcollaboration between lots of people. In the old days,one of the most powerful and productive salesactivities is the face-to-face sales meeting. In order tobuild apersonal rapport with their customers,build trust,and gain understand of customers. Sales people need tospend agreat deal of time traveling to meet withcustomers. It is also a huge limiting factor on whata salesperson can do. After all,a salesperson canonly be in so many places at once.

However,it is not always necessary to travel around,in order to maximize their productivity. Sales people are always looking for new technology. In recent years,with the rapid development of technologyand improvement of Internet bandwidth,many sales people began to use video conferencing to conduct their work activities between their customers and partners

Videoconferencing is cheap and very easy to deploy,all you need is to get a camera and a computer or mobile devices such as Android devices or iOS device etc with good Internet connection in high-definition (up to 1080p) video. It is a good idea for sales people to communicate with their customers,clients and colleagues anytime,anywhere they can.

Sales people can use video conferencing to do the following things:

1) Do sales presentation:A good videoconferencing solution provides all the features oneneeds to have an engaging,personalized meetingwith customers. In addition to video feeds thatenable customers and salespeople to see eachother,there is screen sharing,which enablespresenters to show as they tell,and there areannotation tools that enable context specifichighlighting and visual augmentation.

As long asall parties to the meeting have Internet access,themeeting can be held anytime,anyplace.Participants only need to be in front of a PC withInternet access. Videoconferencing provides a simple way to bring all the

decision makers together for one presentation in away that they can all see and interact with eachother. This becomes a more efficient way tocommunicate that can accelerate businessdecisions.

2) For sales team:For many business models,salesis a team effort. There may be an accountmanager,but there may also be a solutionspecialist,a business process analyst,and others.All of these people must engage with the

customers during the sales cycle. Thesecommunications become more complex if thosepeople are in different locations. A videoconferencing software offers a simple way to bringall sales team members together in a conference

with the customer.

3) Conduct product demonstration:For certain kinds of products,avideo conferencing program is an

excellent platform for delivering product demos.With high-definition video,the presentation team is

able to observe customer reactions to thepresentation,which is important for any follow-ondiscussion.

4) Do sales training:As any sales manager knows,sales people require training to stay current on

product offerings and presentation strategies.They also need contact to help them stay focusedand motivated. A video conferencingtoolprovides a way to do this that is far morecost effective than bringing the entire sales force

out of the field and into a motivational meeting. Avideo conference also takes less time away fromsales activities.