Top 5 Virtual Meeting Solutions

A virtual meeting can be defined as an occurrence or a succession of events where people engage from multiple locations via the Internet. A virtual meeting could be held where all the participants are practicing at the same time from different locations,called real time. The events could also be coordinated in accordance with the convenient time zones of the different participants. Virtual meetings are distinguishable from online chats or social media networks. This is because a virtual meet often has a specific agenda in mind that has to come as a result of the virtual meeting.

The meeting also has a facilitator who coordinates the events. The facilitators are often required to pay attention to the planning and organizing of the meeting. The skills and methods used for planning a contemporary meeting should be employed in planning a virtual meeting. You need to plan the event as well so as to get the best results out of the same. When conducting virtual meetings,technology can be companies’ best friend. There are various virtual meeting solutions that facilitate virtual meetings. They include the following:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Easily the world’s leading virtual meeting solution available,ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the most refined and widest used virtual meeting solutions in the world. It started off with a high initial capital and hit the North American market with a storm. It did not stop there,but made many partners in numerous parts of the world,making it a strong player in the world of virtual meeting.This virtual meeting solution comes equipped with an integrated full HD video conferencing,audio conferencing,remote control,screen sharing,interactive whiteboard and other reliable features that put ezTalks Cloud Meeting at the head of the virtual meeting solutions world. It should be a pick for anyone in the hunt for a virtual meeting solution. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is clearly the world’s leading virtual meeting solution. It should be the suitable solution for you.

2. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Wainhouse research conducted a research into virtual meeting solutions. When they came across Zoom,they gave it quite a high appraisal. They commended the virtual conferencing company on the reliability of its platform. They said it works no matter where you are. You can call with Zoom regardless. This is the key reason you should choose Zoom. Wainhouse research said,“. While nothing is perfect,Zoom is not that far off.” Quite the high appraisal. Zoom is number one in customer satisfaction as compared to other virtual meeting solutions. It has a list of numerous features that make Zoom a must have for people looking for virtual meeting solutions.

3. join me

This is among the simplest and most convenient virtual meeting solutions yet. It is easy to use and can be downloaded and used on laptops,desktops,smartphones and tablets. It has an interface that can allow up to 10 users at a time. This is a considerably decent number as it can allow for broad sharing of ideas among the members. It was used to facilitate 30 million meetings in the year 2013 only. In the year 2014 it was ranked as first for customer satisfaction in terms of ease of use,speed of use and rugged dependability. It comes with three types of packages. There is the free package that comes with ads,the $20 per month package,taken on a one year contract with no ads and unlimited video conferencing and the $25 per month package with a one year contract. It is offered to enterprises as it can handle all the needs of the enterprises.

4. Skype

A branch of the Microsoft Company,Skype is considered the grandfather of video conferencing. It can be loaded into all smartphones,tablets and PCs. It was founded in the year 2003 with its headquarters in Luxembourg. All Skype video conferencing calls are free of charge and can support up to 25 users at a time. This virtual meeting solution even has a translate feature for users calling other users who don’t speak the same language.

5. FaceTime

This is the virtual meeting solution for Apple users. The users can host one-on-one conference in HD. It can be installed on iPhones,iPads and Mac. It is incompatible with non-Apple devices unfortunately.


In conclusion,virtual meetings are quite a useful solution in the modern world. To stay ahead of competition or to communicate with international assets or businesses,it's your best way. The above are the best virtual meeting solutions to provide you with the optimum virtual meeting experience.