Review of Top 6 Unified Communications Software

The unified communications software assists the users to integrate different channels of organizational communications to a single interface. The process involves the integration of the messaging in real time as well as the collaboration of the communication channels. In the majority of the cases,it involves a suite than a single application. This suite provides a consistent and integrated interface for various kinds of devices and communication media.

The market in contemporary times have the availability of product like the Cisco unified communications manager software as well as applications from other reliable providers such as ezTalks and these applications form a robust framework for the flow of organizational communication,uniformly throughout the company. Here is the review for top 6 unified communications software.

1. Microsoft unified communications

Microsoft unified communications software is highly-sought after among the organizations as it features robust functionality,along with a simple user interface. This application supports telephone communications and extends messaging and conferencing facilities to the users. This software is extremely easy to administer and features mobility support. Reviews suggests,the users are extremely satisfied with the value that this application offers. However,users feel that the application can be made better with improvement in the mobile version.

2. Cisco unified communications

The discussion on the topic of unified communications software will be incomplete,without giving a special mention about the Cisco unified communications manager software. Featuring advanced functionalities and assisting in conferencing and instant messaging services,this is indeed one of the top choice in its category of products. Users love this application as it is simple to install,easy to use and easy for the users to administer the application. Compatible with cloud technology,this application streamlines the communication process and enable the different departments to collaborate with each other. In addition,the provider has got a reputation for offering the most delightful support to the users.

3. ezTalks unified communications

This application enjoys the trust and reliance of the users for its features like compatibility with cross platform technologies. Users appreciate the facilities like HD audio & video,recording facilities,instant chat,as well as support for telephone communications. Though robust in its functionality,this application offers a simple interface to the users. This combination is one of the major factors that have made this application a top choice among the applications for unified communications and collaborations. Organizations around the world opt for this application with confidence as the company extends them delightful post-sale support services.

4. IBM unified communications

The unified communication software here is one of the top choices in the category as it requires the minimum technical expertise to use it. Users can get oriented with the features and use of this application,within the shortest time. The application enables the organizations to integrate various media of organizational communication to a single place that fosters seamless and transparent communication between the different functional departments of the company as well as with the external stakeholders. The application takes the minimum effort for the installation and the simple user interface enable the users to make user to make the most productive application of the software.

5. Wildix unified communications

Wildix unified communications solution takes the minimum time for deployment,comes ergonomic as well as feature high efficiency to integrate the different media of communication. It is extremely simple to access the script actions and the databases. Compatible with all sorts of platforms,this application offers the highest value for a minimum cost. Users that have already adopted this application,rates it on very high notes for its efficiency as well as simple design that makes the application suitable for use by users with all grades of technical skills.

6. Avaya unified communications

Users love this application for the ease of deployment,advanced features,robust functionality as well as pocket-friendly price. If you are really finding it tough to manage the official communications,installation of this application will enable you to win over the challenges. Avaya has got a reputation for serving enterprise applications that produce the highest value in return for the user’s money. This application justifies this goodwill of the company. Existing users of this application strongly recommend this software that should make you confident to opt for it. You can stand assured that you will not have to regret the decision of picking this application.


The top open source unified communications software discussed in the paragraphs above,enjoy the trust and reliance of users from around the world and gets rated on very high notes. These applications feature robust functionality,produces the highest efficiency and most importantly,the costs are within affordable ranges. Hence,users never find it tough to afford these applications.

You should consider the features and functionality of each application and pick the one that best suits to your needs and budget. This way,you will get the most efficient tool to integrate all the scattered media of organizational communication to a single interface and ensure free flow of communication,throughout the company.