Top 5 Video Conferencing Devices

Since the first successful video meetings were held,the technology and features surrounding the mode of communication have changed a lot. This has meant wider coverage and more efficient communication. In the current era,there are multiple options for businesses and individuals who want to communicate. Multiple companies offer fully-fledged conferencing services for the convenience of clients. Among the most important parts ofvideo communication,video conference devices are the most important factors to facilitate the process. So,here are the top 5 video conferencing devices used for video conferencing.

1. Video Capture Device

The cameras used forvideo conferencingcome with a number of features. Due to the versatility of these devices,it is prudent that the user to identifies the best video capture device for their specific needs. When looking for a good camera for the job,you can analyze the device based on a number of features. Some indispensable features in the modern day include HD video capability,autofocus features,and wide view lenses among others. The camera is the main device needed for smooth communication and you need to consider your options carefully. Other optional features that you might need to consider include built-in peripherals like speakers,broadband features,and remote control options.Below are ezTalks video conferencing devices- Meet Series. The amazing thing about ezTalks Meet Series is that all the video conferencing devicesare compatible with popular video conferencing Software including ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams,etc. Thus you are free to use the all-in-one VC devices for seamless video meeting experience with your favorite meeting app.

ezTalks Hardware

Supports Multiple VC Apps

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.

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ezTalks Meet Mini

Meet Mini is created to deliver the immersive feeling like face-to-face interaction especially in focus conference rooms. It is specially designed for focus rooms for meetings,outdoor remote support,remote education and etc. As for the video quality,it adopts a high-quality 1080P HD camera with the professional image sensor. The camera also has wide-angle lens at FOV 90° and can be rotated at+/- 15° tilt range,making it possible to grasp every detail of meeting attendees in the conference space and make everyone visible as well as engaged. Moreover,thanks to its far-end control feature,you can control the camera formonitoring and communicating with children and the elderly via real-time video.


ezTalks Meet S

Meet S (previously named Onion) is an all-in-one conference room solution for huddle rooms. The Meet S camera is 1080p and comes with a 120° wide-angle lens to provide ultra HD video for your meetings. The 1080p camera gives you a clear view without blurring the image,reducing contrast or color misalignment,and the 120° wide-angle lens captures the entire conference room without anyone missed. Therefore,you can always get high-performance video communication experience.


ezTalks Meet Pro

Meet Pro is a professional video conference device for small rooms. With its ePTZ control,users get dynamic images without any delay. Besides,the 4K sensor and wide-angle lens ensure superior sharp clarity so that even the facial expression of each participant can be seen clearly for effective communication. Surprisingly,its efficient processing technology ensures the flawless1080p video stream and even up to four 720p video streams can be also easily accessed.


ezTalks Meet X

Meet X is a premium video conferencing device for medium and large rooms. Its camera is the most excellent and brilliant among the competitors. It has a 1080P PTZ camera that has the ability to move up and down,left and right and can be zoomed in or out. As for its specifications,it has big lens at 12X optical and 10X digital zoom and supports the flexible rotation at +/- 170° pan range and +/- 30° tilt range. That is to say,it is possible to bring everyone in picture from a wider field of vision. Amazingly,it supports dual displays with 25 video feeds. So,what the camera captures also can be shown interactively!

2. Audio Capture Device

The most important devices for video conferencing is the audio capture device. Over the years,audio capture equipment has improved to include different features. The microphone is the main device used to capture audio data. High definition audio is necessary for communicating via video and the best microphone is that which comes with the most current technology. While there are many brands you can choose from,the key features to consider are noise cancellation capability and integration features. You can also opt for features like accompanying speakers for the complete audio setup.


ezTalks T-Voice

It is a smart conference speakerphonethat delivers outstanding audio experience just like side by side. It captures sound from 360 degrees in the meeting room of up to 80 square meters without ceiling or satellite mics required. The noise reduction and echo cancellation technology contributes to uninterruptible meetings. Want no delays? Of course,the fast processing speed and anti-jamming capability ensure no delays or lags. Besides,T-voice 100 has built-in ezTalks software with HD 5.5 touch screen,meaning that it can be used as a smart controller to manage your meeting room.

3. Suitable Software

The video conferencing software is probably the single-most important core tool for communicating via video. The software acts as the foundation of communication and acts as the framework linking every other communication tool. Modern video conferencing software features multiple features that increase efficiency and functionality. Clients have many kinds of software to choose in the market. The best features of the modern software include native support for modern plugins,HD video and audio support and speed. One of the most important features of a good software nowadays is interoperability. There are many dominant OS platforms that require different software. A good modern video conferencing software should be able to support all these platforms as well as the various devices currently in use. When choosing a video conferencing software,therefore,make sure that the software supports PC,smartphone and tablet platforms.


ezTalks Rooms Software

ezTalks Rooms Software takes pride in easy configuration. Key features include multi-screen video& audio sharing,wireless content sharing,cloud recording and effortless wireless & touch control.You can also schedule meetings with Calendar integration and remotely manage your enterprise in an effective way. This dedicated cloud-based software is suitable for any size of video conferencing room.

4. Cloud Facility

A cloud facility is very important for video conferencing for many reasons. First,it promotes stability of the process as it offers more reliability. Cloud facilities also help achieve an organized and seamless communication within different media. The number of participants in a particular conference is also increased significantly with a cloud facility. Other features that you get to enjoy with a good cloud collaboration tool are expert support services,administration features,and privacy features. Choosing a good cloud not only guarantees you a secure communication session,but you also get to enjoy decentralized features. Most companies and businesses today opt for cloud plans because they are in line with the modern technical requirements and capabilities. There are many products you can choose from in the cloud market. An option like ezTalks Cloud Meeting is,for instance,the single most useful cloud plan. This plan includes most of the features mentioned above as well as others like instant and scheduled meetings.

5. Conferencing Control Unit

The most important devices used in video conferencing that have teleconferencing facilities within their premises is a conferencing control unit. This device is also called a multipoint unit and it is used as a bridge for conferencing connections. The device is important for facilitating and managing multiple connections at the same time. The device gives each connection a unique identity and directs it to the desired endpoint. A good conferencing control unit needs to be speedy and with the most current protocol software. Since it also acts as a link to multiple physical connections,the device also needs to support a dynamic range of cables and hardware tools.Picture source from pnglot,netclipart,clipartwiki.

The process of communicating via video has come a long way to become an expected part of the modern office. Video conferencing devices have undergone changes to support the modern demands as well. When choosing appropriate devices for your business or organization,there are some which you cannot overlook. The devices listed above are some of those that are invaluable and unavoidable. Using the right selection tips like the ones offered in this write-up can guarantee you the best tools for your office.