Top 5 Best Remote Support Solutions

Remote support solutions are availed to access another system’s desktop over the Internet. This solution is beneficial if anyone needs to access the computer from a remote place over the Internet such as for handling multiple computers,remote support,education and presentation,business use,personal use,etc. This solutions are so useful in troubleshooting a computer in the remote area. It allows the technicians to get customers' computers and operate the troubleshooting steps from the computer. It assists both technicians and customers to save money and time. There are a number of remote support solutions available in the market. Below are the best five of them.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is a free remote support solution that lets you share your screens and whiteboard with colleagues,clients,partners and others located in different places at the same time through high-definition video and audio. In the screen sharing course,it also gives you the ability to authorize any participant to remotely control your desktop. It's fully compatible with Android,iOS,Windows and Mac. In this way,you can share ideas,discuss business things and collaborate on the same project easily.Apart from remote support,ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables to conduct endless numbers of meeting with up to 100 participants. It is the best remote support solution than other tools in the market because it lets attendees to record online meetings,and chat with instant messaging.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a famous remote support solution because it is free for using privately. Most of the people avail this tool for the personal works. It is also strong in commercial use because it offers the probable feature which a remote tech support firm need,such as interactive whiteboard,chat,remote audio and video,HD VoIP,service queue,session recording,etc.

The setup of this remote desktop support solution is so easy and it facilitates Linux,iOS and Android and Chromebook etc. It does not need port forwarding or other special settings. It supports Internet meetings and coordination. It is available like portable utility and installer.

3. Logmeln Rescue

This is another one of the best remote desktop support solutions to give remote support to the users. It is a paid solution,but has lots of features that are not seen in other remote support solutions. It is easy to use and reliable. It offers solutions for all kinds of requirement. You do not need to download the solution. You simply need to enter the six digit code to link to the technician by the browser. It facilitates Mac,mobile and window units with the amazing features such as chat,and video,audio call etc. This solution does not support Linux.

4. Bomgar

Bomgar is particularly made to offer remote support to the users. This remote support solution is easily put together with the chat system. It is a best solution utilized by IT support organization who troubleshoot the customers PC. Firms can handle the customers easily with its ability of multi device support and other great features which you consider must possess in a remote support solution. This is easy to set up and is beneficial to the users.

5. Splashtop

Splashtop is offering remote support service at affordable rate than other companies. If you want to use this remote support solution on the local network,it is free to use. However,to avail this solution over the Internet you need to purchase a commercial license. It offers solution according to your needs. It is offering competition by turning out to be a better substitute to other tools in the market.


All the remote desktop support solution mentioned are limited by the amount of users that you are permitted to get in a meeting and certain times by the solutions which are found to free users. Although this may seen an issue for bigger companies,it is effective for smaller companies to host online meetings which are face to face with the clients.

Prior you select the best remote support solution,it is essential that you focus on the essential things which is needed for your business and what you need to receive out of the solution. You can begin researching on the effective solutions that satisfy your needs. In this way,you will be able to judge whether a free solution is certain thing which will be effective for you or your business.