Top 4 Free Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing Software

There are various kinds of video conferencing software with multiple features springing up in the market. Video conferencing services tend to offer more than just face-to-face interactions. Screen sharing is absolutely one of the most important features that allows presenters to share their screen on virtual meeting room in real time during meetings. That means people can open any files,like videos,webpages,PPTs,PDFs,etc. on their desktop and let others see the files by sharing screen. For online meeting,webinar,online training,or healthcare,the function is quite useful beyond your imagination.

Talking about free video conferencing and screen sharing software,people may take Skype into the first consideration. However,many free video conferencing and screen sharing tools are now playing a great role of attractive alternatives to Skype. Most of them have richer features and more participant numbers. Here’s a brief introduction on 4 pieces of most powerful software for free video conferencing with screen sharing.

1. ezTalks Meetings


3. GoToMeeting

4. Anymeeting

1. ezTalks Meetings

If you need to have free video conferencing with over 10 participants,you can take ezTalks Meetings into the first consideration. The Free Trial of the video conferencing and screen sharing software provides you professional HD free video conferencing solutions with up to 100 participants as long as you talk no more than 40 minutes at once.

Why Choose ezTalks Meetings?

Free for up to 100 Participants

Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat

Screen Sharing and Annotation

White Board and Collaboration

Record and Playback


There are multiple cool features included,like sharing screens,apps,files during meetings,scheduling meetings or hosting meetings instantly,remote control,sharing interactive whiteboard to brighten your ideas,making group or private chat,recording meetings for playback,and more.


Just like Anymeeting,the video conferencing software also has its free trail with basic screen-sharing features,the capability to invite up to 10 participants and VoIP features. You can schedule integrates with Outlook or Google Calendar within one click to send and keep track of your invitations.

You are able to send a personal link to give others a permanent meeting location so clients can just save your one web address to get in touch. also includes an online whiteboard feature so that people can share their ideas during meetings.

3. GoToMeeting

When it comes to free video conferencing with screen sharing,GoToMeeting is likely one of the most popular one. GoToMeeting offers one of the simplest ways to host a conference call,and allow users to share their screen.

However,its free plan only limits your conference call to 3 participants. With its free trial,people can host and attend meetings from PC,Mac,Linux,Android and iOS devices as well as Chromebook. You can also share your whiteboard,browser,or documents from other Windows apps.

4. Anymeeting

Anymeeting is a free video conferencing and screen sharing tool that allows to have video conferencing for free with up to 4 participants in its free trial. You can make video conference,hold unlimited meetings,hold a conference call,use VoIP calling,take meeting notes,share screen,chat via text,sync with Google Apps and Outlook as well as share YouTube videos in the meeting.

If you need to hold regular screen-sharing meetings with four participants or less,it's a great option. But if you need to hold regular screen-sharing meetings with more than four participants,you’d better choose another one.

In Conclusion:

In the above,we compare top four free apps for video conferencing with screen sharing and other features. As you can see,if you want to host online meetings with no more than 10 participants,the first three tools will be a great choice for video conferencing for free. But if you need to make video conference with more than 10 participants,ezTalks Meetings is the best for you. Its 100-participant free plan allows up to 100 people to join in a meeting at the same time. If you want to get more features and participant numbers,you can also choose its paid plans.

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