Sync Scheduled Meetings to Outlook Web Calendar with ezTalks app for Mac

ezTalks has published a new version for Mac,which allows you to add your scheduled meetings to yourDefault calendaror the Outlook andGoogleweb calendar.

Part 1 What are the benefits of adding your scheduled meetings to your Calendar?

Nowadays,it is quite common that people use calendar to get everything well-arranged. In most times,you need to schedule future meetings days/weeks before,and it is quite important to add those meetings to the calendar,which can remind you before the events. Besides,the calendar helps you have an overall look of your meetings at a quick glance.

Part 2 How to sync the scheduled meetings to your Outlook web calendar with the ezTalks Mac app?

It is quite simple to schedule a meeting and add it to your outlook calendar on the ezTalks Mac app. The steps are as below:

1. Schedule a meeting and click on Outlook:

2. Then log in your Outook account and it will automatically added to your web calendar:

3. Then you can go to your Outlook web calendar and find the details of the meeting there:

Download theapp for Macand enjoy the new feature now!