Main Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was once utilized by large enterprises only,but now it has become a mainstream method of communication and collaboration for organizations of all sizes in almost every industries like education,medicine,financing and military,etc. Like all technologies,video conferencing also has its benefits and drawbacks from different viewpoints. In this article,we will talk over the definition of video conferencing,advantages and disadvantages of using video conferencing technology in order to help you make a smart decision.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing refers to the conduct of a video meeting by a set of communication technologies,which allows two or more people in different locations to communicate simultaneously through audio and video transmission,according to Wikipedia. You can easily host a live video conference as long as you have a video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings,a computer with webcam and microphone speaker equipped,and a fast Internet connection.

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Advantages of Video Conferencing

The invisible advantages and benefits of video conferencing are as follows:

Higher productivity and efficiency. By eliminating time and space barriers,video conference can be conducted to communicate with colleagues,customers and partners anytime,anywhere. In this way,meetings could become much shorter and more efficient.

More flexibility. One of advantages of video call is that it gives you more flexibility. Even if you are outside for some reason,you can still easily start or join a video conference for an important matter on your laptop,smartphone,iPad or other mobile devices.

More effective communication. In comparison to audio-only calls,video conferencing provides participants with a kind of non-verbal communication which is reported to be an effective communication means.

Good options for remote working,online interview and distance learning. Besides business meeting and staff training,video conferencing can also make remote working like telecommuting,online interview and e-learning possible.

Save money and time. The tangible advantages of video conferencing include lower costs on business travels and staff training; less time for meetings,training and projects because of improved communication among participants,trainees and teammates.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

Frankly speaking,video conferencing also has its downsides although the advantages of using video conferencing are numerous. The major disadvantage of video conference is that it may be heavily dependent on the network connection. Bandwidth issue could lead in a bad transmission of video,sound and files,which is likely to affect the communication and cooperation. Besides,although we can use video conferencing tool to create a virtual face-to-face meeting,it is still lack of personal interaction to some extent.

Video conferencing is an effective means of real-time communication which enables people across distance to collaborate with each other in a more productive and convenient way. From what we talked above,the advantages of video conferencing obviously outweigh its disadvantages.