Best Teamviewer Blizz Alternative and Competitor

Being the leading provider of remote desktop access,remote support and service,Teamviewer is the widely downloaded and used collaborative software for business in our daily work. In order to deliver a whole range of unified communication,Teamviewer has organized another team and invented an easy-to-use app named Blizz. However,this software does not seem to be as successful as Teamviewer has been,due to the low quality and awful video conferencing experience. This article aims to check why people quit Blizz and recommend the best alternative to Blizz to our readers.

Part 1 What Is Blizz?

Blizz app is a new meeting and collaboration tool by TeamViewer that enables people to join meetings from desktop,android,ios and mac in any places. It allows to the company to connect with distributed workforces and discuss projects instantly. Despite that the ideas and visions of Blizz are very good,the reality is not so romantic. Some users give low ratings and look for a Blizz alternative:

1. Limited Functions in Mobiles

While users can join the meeting from different platforms,the functions in the mobile devices are limited,especially in the android phones. Videos or calls are not supported and sometimes the images happen to be frozen.

2. Major Bugs Happen A Lot

There are major bugs such as being logged out automatically,muted without any notice or no sounds but with no fixes as currently reveals. These bugs will lessen the efficiency of meetings which leads to the result of awful meeting experience.

3. Lack of Recording Function

Teams are tending to record the discussion for review after the meeting. And it also helps to summarize the whole project when it achieves the goals. However,this Blizz does not support this function.

Part 2 The Best TeamViewer Blizz Alternative

There are a lot of options for virtual meetings software in the market and after viewing various apps,I should highly recommend ezTalks Meetings to you. This software,as well as the service,would definitely let you know what high quality is. The following are the outstanding features:

1. Full-featured Functions across Different Platforms

In both desktop and Android devices,ezTalks Meetings allows you to share the screen,whiteboard sharing and annotate,have group video chats,recording and playback etc. Your team can collaborate seamlessly while the functions are all supported.

2. Up to 100 Participants for Free

While Blizz free plan allows you to host/join a meeting with only 5 participants available,ezTalks free plan enables to invite up to 100 participants per meeting for free. Besides,the service will never expire and you can enjoy the lifetime free service without any cost.

3. Smooth Audio and Video Experience

This software delivers very good audio and video experience which makes everyone to be heard and seen in the meeting. If you are in a low bandwidth network environment,you can choose the standard resolution to keep the meeting goes on smoothly; If you are in a high bandwidth network,you can use the high definition resolution to make the videos more clearly for you.

4. 7/24 Customer Service

The service is really excellent with friendly manners and quick response even at the midnight. Whenever you come to live chat,the customer support is online for you and offer the best assistance.

As the Blizz app is not so satisfying for your virtual office,why not try ezTalks and then decide whether it suits your team.