5 Best Phone Conferencing Software

Over the years,the advancement in technology has greatly impacted the manner in which businesses operate. There was a time when travelling from one city to another for business meetings was the order of business for many managers and business owners. However,this changed with the introduction of phone conferencing software.

Through phone conferencing software,multiple callers can be able to dial an identical number and as such conduct a conference call which is equivalent to a meeting where the respective callers are in attendance. What this means is that it is no longer necessary for individuals to travel thousands of miles to a common meeting place to conduct a meeting,but rather do so from the comfort of their respective offices or houses and still realize the desired results.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The effectiveness and convenience of phone conferencing have resulted in the increase in demand for the service and as such a corresponding increase in the development of phone conferencing software.To begin with,ezTalks Cloud Meeting has been rated as the leading phone conferring software in the world. The software allows the users to conduct a video conferencing call for up to 100 individuals in a single sitting. Moreover,the software has been integrated with an HD phone conferencing as well as HD video conferencing capabilities. The users of the software are also in a position to share not only the screen,but also whiteboard which makes it a very effective tool for conducting business and institutional meeting with individuals located at different geographical locations.

2. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a popular phone conferencing software in the world which is attributed to the popularity of the Adobe brand in the technology industry. The software aims at providing its users with a new experience in video conferencing by providing with the phone conferencing software as well as the training and learning materials that are required for the effective use of the software. The company does not only promise its customers a highly secured communication platform,but also personalized digital tools for the user which allow them to customize the cloud meetings according to their specific needs fully.

3. join.me

join.me is a is a cloud-based phone conferencing software that enables businesses and organizations instantly meet on an online platform to address their various needs. The software offers the users a simple and user-friendly interface that allows the users to set up URL meetings that are personalized. The URL can then be used to invite users through automated email notifications. One of the advantages of join.me is that it does not require expensive training or complex installation procedures which make it cost effective. The software also allows the users to join the cloud meetings through cell phone video conferencing.

4. BlueJeans

BlueJeans phone conferencing software allows the users to connect with others anytime anywhere through any Internet enabled device. The developers are passionate about turning every phone call into a video call as a means of improving the effectiveness of the communication process as well as the overall experience associated with video conferencing. The software is aimed at meeting all the video conferencing needs of the targeted customers. Ranked among the 100 best cloud companies in the world,the company offers its customers a chance to try the free demonstration of the software before upgrading to a premium version that offers them all the functionalities and benefits of the using the cell phone conferencing software.

5. Fuze

There are also free phone conferencing software that have been designed for small business that do not have the budget to support the subscription conferencing software. Fuze is a free phone conferencing software that allows up to 25 users to connect for a single sitting. As the leading free conferencing software,Fuze supports 12 HD video feeds that can be run simultaneously in addition to sharing the desktop and other applications used within the organization. Users get a free 1GB cloud storage space which can be used for storing important information and presentations that can later be downloaded when the need arises. However,the free plan does not offer the ability to record online meetings.


In conclusion,there are various phone conferencing software in the market,and there are various factors that users need to take into consideration while choosing which software to buy. These factors include the price,the functionality and the number of supported users among others which vary from one organization to another based on their needs and available resources.