4 Best Online Meeting Platforms

With the help of communications technology,an online meeting can happen immediately. In an online environment,individuals can collaborate with a group,regardless of the member's physical locations,or one person can give an introduction or demonstration while other participants turn into the audience. Both visual and sound capacities make meetings held online a quality business encounter.

Online meetings work by utilizing paid or free online meeting platforms that offer administrations to participants to imitate a face-to-face meeting. You can regularly use an online meeting platform that takes into consideration the host of the meeting to give information what you'd find in a business conference room.

1. Google Hangouts

This free online meeting platform is a Google profitability apparatus that is accessible crosswise on different platforms. It was produced by Google with the point of offering communication through various channels including voice,texting,and Google video conference call. Google Hangouts provides functionalities that are valuable for one-on-one communication between two people,and multipoint-to-multipoint online meetings.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a distinguished online meeting platform that is accessible on Mac,iPhone,iPad,Windows PC and Android phone and device platforms. ezTalks has both free and paid choices relying upon the features one need to utilize. The way that its makers have concentrated on offering online meeting makes it extremely prevalent in this space.

Key Features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting

• As Large as Meeting Capacity

ezTalks Cloud Meeting now offers a free version which permits up to 100 participants to be associated with the meeting at the same time. It is not a trial,but rather a lasting IP-based online meeting benefit for nothing out of pocket. For a larger meeting capacity,you can upgrade to its paid version which supports hosting an online meeting consisting of up to 500 participants.

• HD Face-to-Face Collaboration

ezTalks Cloud Meeting strikingly imitates customary face-to-face communication to move it online over the screen by using HD video and crystal-clear sound. By removing regular cooperation from the settled office spaces,ezTalks sets up a sound business relationship and keeps up interactive and beneficial joint effort regardless of distance.

• Constant Private and Group Chat

Other than two-way video and sound transmission,ezTalks likewise underpins texting. It is a sort of continuous communication in online meetings. If you have any issues about online meetings,you can communicate something specific in the text to the one you need to talk or to the group visit room.

• Simple Sharing and Discussing

Another critical capacity of ezTalks Cloud Meeting is its capable distribution function,including screen sharing and interactive whiteboard. Screen and whiteboard sharing empower you to share your proposals or thoughts openly and in the interim allow participants to co-annotate for quick decision making.

• Helpful Recording and Playback

ezTalks Cloud Meeting enables you to record online meetings,which will be exceptionally beneficial to staff preparing and online learning. You can record all the content or some valuable content for playback later. In this way,you can get the missed information or strengthen the key one.

3. WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx is the umbrella name assigned to Cisco Systems' expansive cluster of online meeting platforms which serve from small meetings to substantial conferences. Meeting Center is a prominent piece of this scope of items and holds shared working at its core. What puts this tool besides its competitors is the ability for hosts and participants to keep various meeting-related substance on its screen all the while and resize or transfer them around as they like.

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer has a very good reputation for being a quick and hassle-free process to troubleshoot remote computers. However,at the same time,it is a great free online meeting platform to get a team collectively on the web,chat,share screens,and collaborate on documents. TeamViewer enables you to at the minimal effort of free,start instant online meetings,plan meetings ahead of time and also stream video from your HD webcam to the gathering,so you would all be able to see each other's faces while you are talking.


A pleasant feature of most online suppliers on online meeting platforms is that you can take a free try before you commit to a month to month charge or to buy the software. This enables you to experience each online meeting platform,to decide which one will address your issues and satisfy your needs.