Would you Make a Good Telecommuter

Most people dream of working from home in their current job and making a lot of money from great telecommuting jobs. While telecommuting is not cut out for everyone, there are some certain traits that make qualified telecommuters. In the following, I’d like to list 5 crucial traits that contribute to good telecommuters. Read on to decide if you’re suitable for working online from home.

Trait 1: You can cut out all distractions.

If you have intense focus and can block out internal and external distractions, that would be great since your ability to ignore the mailman, guests, children, chores and other daily activities helps you remain productive while telecommuting. If you can’t immerse yourself in work, don’t worry, here’re 3 tips for you to cut out distractions.

Setting boundaries with your friends and family.

Make your office time off limits, just as you would if you were at the office.

Keep your office phone line dedicated just for your job and ignore all of non important calls from your personal phone.

Trait 2: You have right equipments to telecommute effectively.

Telecommuting takes an up-to-date computer with all software required by your job installed, decent internet connection and a stable system to communicate with your employer. To get prepared with the first 2 equipments, it’s always a piece of cake. However, it’s never an easy thing to pick up a reliable video conferencing tool since there’re so many available online. To save your time, I’d directly recommend ezTalks based on my own experience. It’s so powerful and user-friendly that enables you to freely discuss with your supervisors online.

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Trait 3: You can keep contact with office all the time.

A great telecommuter is always good at communicating via emails, phone call, video conferencing and other various forms. Though you work from home online, you still need to keep track of what’s happening in your departments or other colleagues’ work process. In that case, video conferencing provided with ezTalks, as I mentioned above, is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep close touch with your team. Compared with other traditional communicating methods, ezTalks stands out due to its ability to offer vivid face-to-face communication for any Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android users!

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Trait 4: You can create your own structured environment.

In most cases, those self-starters who can create their own structures or keep on a schedule on their own are the most productive telecommuters. If you’re not able to set your own boundaries, how could you keep up with workload and demands?

Trait 5: Your boss is on board with telecommuting.

Surely, you can never start telecommuting successfully if your boss is negative to this working mode. Therefore, make sure to convince your boss that he is still in full control of your goals, project statuses and any other important information pertaining to your field and ezTalks guarantees your smooth communication with colleagues without causing them any inconveniences.

To conclude, successful telecommuting involves team work and great communicating skills with your team and the key to that is having the right home office equipment and programs to complete your job and communicate with your co-workers effectively. Do you have above necessary traits for telecommuting? If yes, congratulations! You can work from home now, no long drive times, no more traffic jams, no dress clothes and less stress!