Why You Should Use On-Premise Video Conferencing

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The key to succeed in any business is to keep up with development in technology and incorporate it with your work. For example, mobile phone has made it possible for workers who are on the move to easily keep in touch with their in-office counterparts. Now here comes another form of technology causing ripples in the business world: on-premise video conferencing.

eztalks on-premise video conferencing

With the increasing number of boundaryless workers, more and more businesses or individuals are quickly realizing the video conferencing comes with a whole bag-load of benefits and on the lookout for professional on-premise video conferencing services. As a result, the world’s leading video conferencing company ezTalks works round the clock to ensure the video conferencing services are provided in the most efficient and effective manner. Below are the benefits that accrue from the use of ezTalks on-premise video conferencing solutions.

Infrastructure Ownership

On-premise video conferencing allows the company/business organization in question to actually own the infrastructure and equipments associated with the video-conferencing. This means that it becomes an asset of the organization and this ownership cancels out the relatively high installation costs associated with video-conferencing.


On-premise video conferencing means that the infrastructure and equipments used to support the video conferencing belong to the company rather than outside firms. Namely, it is the company that controls its own solutions. Then meeting recordings won’t be exposed to risks such as interception, distortion and leak of sensitive data and information.

Tips: In fact, the relatively high security associated with on-premise video conferencing has become a major selling point for renowned video conferencing providers such as ezTalks.

Unlimited Chances for Customization

Companies such as ezTalks now provide numerous options for clients to customize their on-premise video conferencing solutions in accordance with their needs and preferences. ezTalks for example, has made it possible for clients to host meetings from their iOS and Android devices rather than computer only. This, coupled with other features such as numerous meeting rooms as well as the ability to host numbers of over 9000 participants in one meeting impacts positively on the flexibility and reliability of these on-premise video conferencing solutions.

But when is on-premise video conferencing highly recommended? Generally, the ideal situations include but are not limited to—

1. When a firm has its own IT department that is capable of providing the necessary support and expertise needed to effectively and smoothly run the solution.

2. When a firm regularly deals with sensitive data and information that may lead to huge loss if not managed well.

3. When the company has the financial strength and capability that allows for the installation and subsequent management of the on-premise video conferencing systems.