Top 4 Instant Messaging Tools

Instant messaging is a modern way of communications where people can exchange written text messages via an instant messaging tool. Although instant messaging has not entirely replaced handwritten or typed letter,anyone who has used both can appreciate the convenience and speed that comes with it. There are very many instant messaging tools that are made specifically for instant messaging. Let us look at some of them and unique features.

1. Facebook Messenger

With almost two billion people worldwide that have a Facebook account,Facebook Messenger is probably the most popular instant messaging tool. The user-friendly features that allow you to attach images and documents and even audio files while texting message. As is the case with most instant messaging tools,Facebook Messenger allows to archive messages that you might need to refer to in future.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is one of the most popular instant messaging collaboration tools that are most popular for business communications. This is because of the wide variety of the many other features it has that complement a video conference. It supports group text messaging as well as private text messaging,to ensure that you stay connected with colleagues no matter where they are.

It has an online whiteboard feature that enables you to draw virtual illustrations on the screen,and erase and redraw again. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is also able to integrate with your google or outlook calendar to help the scheduling of online meetings and even set reminders for this beforehand.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a free instant messaging tool for smartphones that are used to send messages,voice calls and video conference calls across the continent. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users so far and is set to increase yearly. It also has notification features where one is notified whenever there is a pending message that is unread.

Many people have gone ahead to form WhatsApp groups which are very easy for communicating in groups. In this group there is a maximum of 260 people,so you can easily set up a group,for instance,an alumni group and so on. WhatsApp is also used to share images and videos,and hence it’s very easy and interesting to use. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and was acquired for a fee of 19 billion dollars.

4. Avaamo

Avaamo is great tool for instant messaging and this one is designed especially for those on mobile. This would actually be an incredible instant messaging app for mobile sales teams. The next best part about it is that it can be used for messaging with people who are not part of the company like clients,vendors,or partners. The basic account is free,while the Premium account is paid for and includes additional features and increased customer support.


There are many other IM tools available online. Yahoo messenger is probably among the first instant messaging platforms available online. Owned by Yahoo search engine,it is one of the most adaptable platforms to either windows,android or apple devices. There is also Twitter which is a popular network with millions of registered users. Most people use this platform with a hashtag and people repeat this trend to comment or air their views on the subject. Twitter is particularly popular with political figures talk to their electorate via the platform.

The most common features in almost all instant messaging tools are that they can all be downloaded to your smartphone for easy accessibility. When choosing the choice of instant messaging tools to use,the decision might most probably be influenced by the preference of your peer groups.