Best Conference Room Camera and Microphone for Video Conferencing

Video conferencingis a smart communication way for companies. It is economical where it saves costs related to distant meetings like transport cost,accommodation,and other related expenses. So,more and more companies set up their meeting rooms with conference room camera and microphone for video conferencing.

For the best video conferencing experience,a company should know how to select good video conferencing room solutions including conference room camera and microphone.

Regarding the requirements above,ezTalksprovidesthe best conference room camera and microphoneto give companies an optimized conference experience for any size of conference rooms. Want to set up a video conferencing room professionally and at a reasonable cost?If you don’t want to choose them separately,here are the all-in-one solutions.

Meet Mini

Meet Miniis fully integrated with a touch screen,HD camera,coder,microphone,speaker,WiFi,built-in battery and software to make every meeting count.Camera: It adopts a professional 1080P HD camera with wide-angle lens at FOV 90°,which also can be rotated at+/- 15° tilt range. It helps you catch every nuance and get more done. Besides,it supports far-end control for remote meeting control.Mic: Two built-in professional microphones at 5-meter voice pickup range are available for optimized audio. With the advanced technology of acoustic echo cancellation,automatic noise suppression and automatic gain control,etc.,seamless and effective sound can be ensured.

Meet S (Previously called Onion)

Meet S is also a piece of video conferencing equipment that integrates with camera,microphones,codecs and dedicated software to make a meeting room exceptional.

Camera:Its 1080P camera gives you the power to see the entire meeting roomclearlyby virtue of the 120° wide angle lenswithout causing image blurring,reduced contrast or misalignment of colors.

Microphone: Its dual microphone delivers an enhanced voice performance with echo cancellation and noise reduction. All these drive to cut out annoying background noise and maximize clarity.

Meet Pro

Meet Pro is proudlyintegrated with HD camera,codecs and software to bring wonderful video collaboration.

Camera: Meet Pro takes care of the camera so you can focus on the business at hand. High-quality videos are within reach owing to the 4K sensor and wide-angle lens. No need to worry about missing out the facial expression details of each participant. With the ePTZ control,users are able to remotely control the actual orientation and optical zoom of the camera as they want.

Microphone: Meet Pro's 4 far-field linear microphone arrays with 5-meter sound pick up range enable you to hear as clear as you usually do. Automatic Echo Canceller and Automatic Noise Reduction technology contributes to filtering the unwanted sound.

For your specific needs,also,here are the ones for your better camera or microphone performance.

Camera Series:

Meet X

Meet X adopts a highly integrated 1080P PTZ conference room camera with 1/2.8-inch high-quality CMOS sensor and 2.07 million pixels,which delivers best-in-class video quality. Its big lens at 12X optical and 10X digital zoom,and flexible rotation at +/- 170° pan range and +/- 30° tilt rangeprovide both wide-area coverage and great detail for robust meeting experience. It also supports dual-screen presentation.


With its 10X optical zoom and 12x digital zoom,fast auto-focus capability and 62.5° field of view,H310U can capture every detail in your conference room. The DSP technology and 1/2.8-inch CMOS helps to reach sharp HD video quality to 1080P. These aspects get it to capture all details in high definition. To your surprise,you can access the nearby or far away control. The whisper-silent pan/tile/zoom feature of the camera can be controlled by a hand-held remote controller in the meeting room. Alternatively,control the PTZ of the camera from far-end field through the RS232 port or UVC 1.5 protocol.

Mic Series:

T-Voice 100

T-Voice 100is widely regarded as the best conference room microphone which can capture sound from 360 degrees.It delivers crystal-clear audio in the meeting room of up to 80 square meters without ceiling or satellite mics required.No delays,no noise cancellation!

As for the more detailed features about ezTalks camera and/or microphone solutions,you need to go for reading.

1. Inclusive design

All-in-one design makes it possible to hold meetings at any time at any place since the product’s software is cloud-based,and hardware’s compact design makes it portable.

2. High-quality video

With a conference room camera for video conferencing of 1080P resolution,those solutionscan deliver a full HD video with unmatchable quality.For example,the Meet Shas a low-light Sony camera sensor with auto-adjusting exposure to ensure the lighting of the room doesn't affect the quality of the video.

3. Real-time conference room video

It is possible to invite many people to a meeting session allow them to interact with each other via live chats or emoticons in real-time.

4. Clear audio

Onion is fitted with dual microphones that have noise reduction and echo cancellation capability. They guarantee to deliver audio of very high quality.

5. File and Screen sharing capability

Users can share documents like videos,images,among others with a click of a button. It is also easy to share the screen with other users of the meeting.

6. Recording capability

Some of the ezTalks hardware mentioned above have built-in software,which allow users to record meeting sessions where they can playback to ensure they capture or absorb every detail.

7. Easy to set-up and control

Setting up ezTalksequipment doesn’t require any technical skills or a lot of time. It has been designed to ensure companies make maximum use of the most precious commodity in the world business – time. Besides,it uses wireless control which reduces unnecessary movement in the meeting in the meeting room.

8. Unlimited meeting period

ezTalksequipmentdoesn't confine companies to a certain period of the meetingas all of them cost you one-time fee for permanent use. Companies can extend the time for as long as they want. This ensures they exhaustively discuss all the important details for the growth of the business.

9. Wonderful Rooms Software

ezTalks Rooms service providesall the features required to make a video conferencing for huddle rooms complete. It has plenty of features like recording,wireless control,audio muting,live chat,and many more. All the features and advantages it has made it perfectly meet the main requirements of video conferencing for huddle rooms.While the Professional Plan is best suited for conference rooms with 6-12 participants.

Here is a brief guide when choosing your best equipment for video conferencing. Requirements of the best conference room camera and microphone for video conferencing:

1) A conference room camera should be of high resolution,has good focal length and best field-of-view for the room.

2) The best video conference camera should have automatic light adjusting capability to ensure video quality isn’t affected by light changes.

3) The microphone should possess noise reduction and echo cancellation capability to enhance the quality of the audio.

4) The microphone should be highly sensitive to easily pick the sound of the speaker

5) The best conference room camera and microphone should be easy to use.

6) Fit company's budget while having the good quality.


Video conferencing solutionscan enhance the efficiency and productivity of any business. It is one of the best communication methods for companies as it enables reaching employees,customers or partners in different geographical locations in an economical way. All that is required is investing in the right equipment. ezTalks offers the best conference room video conferencing solutions with high-quality conference room camera and microphone.